Alocasia jacklyn Bulb

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You will receive a bulb of this Alocasia Jacklyn plant.

The picture of the leaf is just an example what could emerge from this bulb.

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Alocasia Jacklyn bulb to grow yourself (see care). You will receive 1 x bulb.
With its velvety, blue-black leaves and the light leaf veins, this Alocasia is a dark beauty. Due to its compact growth, it also does not need much space and is therefore perfect for smaller spaces.
The picture of the plant is only an example picture to illustrate what can grow from these rhizomes/bulbs.
Growth type: upright
Origin: Tropical mountain forests of Sulawesi
Other names: Alocasia Portei, Alocasia Sulawesi Sp., elephant ear, arrowleaf, taro

What is the best way to grow these rhizomes into established plants?
First of all, you need a suitable medium in which the rhizome can grow.
There are various methods for this, some of which you will find in our shop.
• Growing soil
• water
• Sphagnum moss Click here for our Sphagnum moss (Info: Ben's Premium Sphagnum moss comes from sustainable and certified cultivation).
• Perlite Click here to go directly to our Perlite
• Expanded clay Click here for our expanded clay

The bulb should point upwards with the small, light-coloured tip and be completely embedded in the respective substrate.
You should make sure that the substrate is always kept slightly moist but not wet.
This is why we advise against cultivating in water, because there is a much higher risk of the bulbs rotting and not sprouting.
Place the container with the bulb in a warm and bright place. With a little patience, the rhizome will sprout after a few weeks.

A little tip: When you receive our bulbs, some of them are still surrounded by a slightly harder and darker skin.
You can simply remove this carefully with your fingernail. Experience shows that this accelerates the growth of the rhizome.

Ben's tips on plant care:

• Position/light requirements: bright, indirect sunlight
• Substrate: peat-free potting soil, Ben's Syngonium & Alocasia Soil
• Temperature: optimal at 22-24° C (day), 17° C (night)
• Watering: keep moist and water as soon as the top layer of substrate starts to dry, but avoid waterlogging
• Humidity: needs high humidity, place in bathroom or use humidifier
• Nutrient addition: in spring/summer every 4-6 weeks with organic fertiliser. Fertilise moderately with organic liquid fertiliser.
• Repot approx. every 2 years, when the soil is densely rooted. Make sure that the plant has good Drainage.

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