Philodendron Florida Beauty Cutting

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The large variegated leaves of this charming hybrid of the species Philodendron squamiferum and Philodendron pedatum develop a multi-lobed and oak-leaf-like shape in the adult plant, which together with its red leaf stalks makes it an attractive eye-catcher on every windowsill. In addition, it is rarely found commercially and is therefore very popular with collectors. If you let him climb up trellises, he will soon grow to a stately size.
• Delivery: You will receive a scion with aerial roots.
• Growth type: climbing
• Origin: tropical rainforests of Colombia
• Other names: Blushing Philodendron, Tree Lover, Tree Lover, Climbing Philodendron

Ben's care tips:
• We recommend keeping the cutting in moist sphagnum moss until it has rooted. Then it can be potted in the soil recommended under the point substrate.
• Location/light requirements: partially shaded to bright, avoid direct sunlight.
• Substrate: Ben's Premium Sphagnum Moss, Ben's Philodendron & Monstera Soil, Special Soil
• Temperature: optimal at 23-27°C (day), 16-18°C (night), do not allow to cool below 12°C
• Watering: Keep the substrate moist and water when the upper substrate layer begins to dry with lukewarm water that is low in lime, but avoid waterlogging. Water less in winter.
• Humidity: needs high humidity, spray regularly (leaves should be allowed to dry afterwards!) or use an air humidifier
• Nutrient addition: In spring/summer approx. every 4-6 weeks with liquid fertiliser.
• Repot about every 1-2 years when the plant is properly rooted.
• Regularly remove dust from leaves with a slightly damp cloth. Cut off damaged and dead leaves promptly with disinfected and sharp scissors.

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