Aglaonema Golden Lipstic rare

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Its long, sword-shaped leaves with the cream-coloured central vein and white edges make this rarely found Aglaonema an elegant rarity. It is easy to care for, provided it is kept in rather shadier locations, for example in the bathroom, where it also enjoys the higher humidity.
• Delivery: in a 9cm pot
• Origin: Tropical regions of Southeast Asia
• Other names: Chinese Evergreen

Ben's tips on plant care:
• Habitat/Light requirements: Partial shade/shade
• Substrate: universal potting soil
• Temperature: optimum at min. 18 ° C (day), 12 ° C (night)
• Watering: water moderately every 5 days, less frequently in winter, but do not allow to dry out completely
• Humidity: not too dry, no direct sunlight
•  Nutrient addition: Slow-release fertiliser every 3 months in spring/summer
• grows slowly, can be repotted in spring
• Use low-calcium water and do not place the plant too crowded.

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