Anthurium Dorayaki Babyplant

Item number: BJ3095

Beautiful Anthurium in a 6cm pot. You will receive a fully rooted plant. It can be cultivated on the windowsill or in a display case. It also grows very well in a terrarium when tied up or epiphytically on a branch.

Category: Babyplant

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Dorayaki is a popular dessert in Japan that is comparable to our pancakes. And because the round leaves of this pretty Anthurium crystallinum hybrid reminded its cultivator of this, he named the plant after it. The attractive silver veining of these leaves stands out particularly well on their pancake-sized surface, making the plant a decorative collector's item.
The product photos show examples of the plant. You will receive a specimen that corresponds to the product photos in terms of size, shape and coloring. The first picture shows the mother plant in its full splendor.
- Delivery: in a 6 cm pot
- Growth type: upright
- Origin: Rainforests of Indonesia
- Other names: Flamingo flower, Tailflower

Ben's tips on plant care:

- Position/light requirements: bright, indirect sunlight
- Substrate: Ben's Babyplant Soil, later Ben's Philodendron & Monstera Soil
- Temperature: optimal at 24° C (day), approx. 18° C (night)
- Watering: water once a week when the top layer of substrate becomes dry, less frequently in winter, ensure good drainage, use lukewarm and low-calcium water
- Humidity: needs high humidity
- Nutrient addition: fertilise moderately every 6-8 weeks in spring/summer.
- Grows slowly, can be repotted after 2-3 years when the soil is densely rooted and dries out more quickly.