Philodendron Burle Marx Variegata Cutting rarity

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seltener Philodendron

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A real eye-catcher is this rare and beautifully variegated philodendron. Its strong, shiny leaves shine in their variegation, which varies from deep green to light green to cream colors. If you give him climbing aids, he can reach a respectable volume over the years and is not too demanding in the care. Since this type of variegation is unstable, it can happen that the plant turns green or forms completely white leaves. In this case, the plant should be cut back accordingly (see care information).
• Delivery: You will receive a scion with 1-3 leaves.
• Growth type: climbing
• Origin: tropical rainforests of Brazil
• Other names: tree friend, tree lover, climbing philodendron

Ben's care tips:

• We recommend keeping the cutting in moist sphagnum moss until it has rooted. Then it can be potted in the soil recommended under the point substrate.
• Location/light requirements: partially shaded to bright, avoid direct sunlight.
• Substrate: Ben's Premium Sphagnum Moss, Ben's Philodendron & Monstera Soil, Special Soil
• Temperature: optimal at 23-27°C (day), 16-18°C (night), do not allow to cool below 12°C
• Watering: Keep the substrate moist and water when the upper substrate layer begins to dry with lukewarm water that is low in lime, but avoid waterlogging. Water less in winter.
• Humidity: needs high humidity, spray regularly (leaves should be allowed to dry afterwards!) or use an air humidifier
• Nutrient addition: In spring/summer approx. every 4-6 weeks with liquid fertiliser.
• Repot about every 1-2 years when the plant is properly rooted.
• Regularly remove dust from leaves with a slightly damp cloth. Cut off damaged and dead leaves promptly with disinfected and sharp scissors.
• If the plant becomes increasingly green or only develops white leaves, you should cut it back a little and orientate yourself on the white portion of the trunk. If you cut them back above a leaf node that has equally green and white tissue, chances are it will produce leaves with matching variegation as well.

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