Alocasia sanderiana Nobilis L

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Alocasia sanderiana Nobilis L has a fancy leaf structure and is a real eye-catcher on any windowsill. You will receive one rooted plant in a 14cm pot. The plant has no special requirements, it should not be kept too moist and should not be placed in direct sun. A shady to semi-shady location is ideal.

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This attractive Alocasia is a sought-after rarity, as its wild form is only found in the wild in the Northern Mindanao region of the Philippines and is threatened with extinction. As the wavy borders of its contrasting leaves resemble the shape of the Philippine Kris Sword, it is also called Kris Plant. It is somewhat more demanding to care for and is therefore more suitable for experienced plant collectors.
The product photos show examples of the plant. You will receive a specimen that matches the product photos in size, shape and colouring.
• Delivery: in 9cm pot
• Growth type: upright
• Origin: Northern Mindanao region of the Philippines
• Other names: Kris Plant, Sander's Alocasia, elephant ear, arrowleaf, taro

Ben's tips on plant care:

• Habitat/Light requirements: bright, indirect sunlight.
• Substrate: peat-free potting soil, Ben's Syngonium & Alocasia Soil
• Temperature: optimal at 24° C (day), 18° C (night)
• Watering: keep moist and water as soon as the top layer of substrate starts to dry, but avoid waterlogging
• Humidity: needs high humidity, place in bathroom or use humidifier
• Nutrient addition: in spring/summer every 2 weeks with organic fertiliser. Fertilise moderately with organic liquid fertiliser.
• Repot approx. every 2 years, when the soil is densely rooted. Make sure that the plant has good drainage.


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