Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor

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Because of its special three-coloured leaf pattern, this beautiful and very rare Aglaonema species is also called camouflage plant and it originates from the slopes of the volcanic mountains of Sumatra and Nias. It is a little more difficult to care for and is therefore suitable for plant lovers with experience.
• Growth type: upright
• Origin: Volcanic mountains of Sumatra and Nias (tropical region)
• Other names:  Camouflage plant, Chinese Evergreen

Ben's tips on plant care:
• Habitat/light requirements: bright, but only indirect sunlight.
• Substrate: airy, not too compact substrate that allows good drainage
• Temperature: optimum at approx. 29°C (day), min. 16°C (night), in winter between 16 and 18°C
• Watering: keep moist and water as soon as the top layer of substrate starts to dry, but avoid waterlogging
• Humidity: keep high humidity, ideally in the terrarium
• Nutrient addition: fertilise moderately every 2 weeks in spring/summer, do not fertilise in winter
• Allow plant to acclimatise after arrival and do not repot for up to 3 months. Later repot every 3-5 years in spring/summer.
• Use low-calcium water and do not place too crowded.

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